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Operating Pressures

Operating Pressures Explained


Throughout the site you will see labelled on taps and showers the operating pressure required for them to work, this is a manufacturer's guideline for their product and should be used as a guide for you.

Below we have tried to simplify this for you corresponding to the instructions on the product page this guide should help you simplify and ease your mind.If you do have any queries or worries or unsure as to what system you have please just give us a call and we will only be too happy to help



Suitable For All Plumbing Systems - 0.1 bar to 0.4 bar - This basically means the item in question will work on ANY system, whether you have an old fashioned copper tank in an airing cupboard and a cold tank in the loft, a shower pump fitted on your system or if you have a more modern combi boiler or system boiler with unvented cylinder, the item will work on any of these systems

Suitable For High Pressure - 0.5 bar and above - This basically means the item has been tested to work most effectively on more modern pressurised systems with either a combi boiler, shower pump or megaflo system.There is a chance that the item will work on the older system with the copper tank but basically for example an item that needs 0.5 bar equates to 16ft in physical height from where the unit will be to where the cold black tank in the loft is so you must in effect measure this distance.

Bar to Distance Conversion

0.5 bar - 16ft

1.0 bar - 33ft

2.0 bar - 64ft


We hope this helps clarify for you but if you are unsure please call us on 01634 712816